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Finally, A Google Rank Tracking Tool, That’s Just Perfect!

This article was updated on August 6th, 2020 at 05:57 am

Rank tracking tools are many. A typical rank tracking tool will let you plug in a bunch of keywords against a website name and continuously monitor ranks on a historical basis. There are many such tools that track ranks. Some browser extensions, some stand alone software while some are online tools.

This tool that I tried recently is truly one of it’s kind. It’s called SEO Rank Monitor.

It does all that I just mentioned above plus a whole lot of other stuff which makes a lot of difference. Fist off, it checks keywords ranks, like any other tool. But keeps a historical record of ranks with snapshots.

Which means you can compare ranks between two dates anytime. This is a handy little feature that adds a lot of value. Sometimes it so happens that you have to go back in time and check performances.

With any regular rank checking tool it wouldn’t be possible, unless you had manual snapshots saved. But with this tool, all you got to do is select two dates and see the difference. Nice!

Not just that, it is the only rank tracking tool out there that checks ranks on mobile. We’ve all seen that ranks fluctuate a great deal on desktop and mobile versions and most of the time, mobile versions are ignored.

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SEO Rank Monitor checks the mobile versions and gives you separate rank charts that can be compared with the desktop version ranks. Quite handy!

Another feature I like in this tool is the ability to group keywords to clusters. This way, you can tag keywords to separate clusters and track their group performance. The best part are the fancy charts and the dashboard.


One look and you’ll have a very detailed idea about where you’re losing or gaining ranks. Don’t need to push any more buttons!

I know that in some tools, although the data is available, you got to dive in deep into segments and many levels to make sense of the data. SEO Rank Monitor does it for you – it’s clever that way. tools-google-rank-checking You can also set competitors’s for each campaign and see how you perform compared to them.

I haven’t tried much with this feature, as it looked pretty straight forward. Overall, I think SEO Rank Monitor is a well built tool that does what it promises to do, pretty well. I’m seriously considering switching to this tool instead of Moz, where I have a 300 keyword limit. Not sure if SEO Rank Monitor has one, it doesn’t appear to.

Check it out!

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