5 Amazing Tools for Finding Influencers on Social Networks

Today social media networks are growing rapidly with millions of people searching, finding and taking decisions based on the information that is being circulated through these sites. Since there is so much interaction happening here companies across the globe are noting the key role played by influential bloggers and journalists in attracting people through their social media pages. They seek to reach out to such influencers to endorse their brand. You can find top influencers for your brand by making use of the best social media tools for influencer discovery. Here is a look at top 5 social media tools for influencer discovery on social networks:

1. Addictomatic


This free tool enables you to get the hottest details out there by searching into news, blogs, videos and images that are being uploaded on the net. You can find out what’s cooking with people, what they are most talking about, wanting to buy, exchanging information about, perform ego searches and much more. The tool uses RSS to derive best news from Yahoo!, Topix, Digg, Flickr, Tweetscan, You Tube, Ice Rocket and much more. You can use it to create a page of your own with the latest that’s being talked about on various social media portals.

2. Buzz Stream


The social media version of BuzzStream is free and enables you to find the hottest influencers out there in various popular social media networks and get connected to them. Using this tool you can manage influencers in an efficient way which helps to take off your marketing campaign where you expect it to go. It offers an extensive influencer research and provides all the details that you want to know about the top influencers on happening social media sites. You can plan your campaign based on the influencer metrics collected through it

3. Klout


This free tool finds out influencers based on metrics such as the number of people influenced by a person or news and who act upon the content posted by that person or news, how people respond to it and spread it to others. Its influence measuring tool is very effective because it captures data from various social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Digg and so on. It reveals the topics that influencers is most engaging with and their audience based on details such as content and how others react to the content.  This tool is so popular that Virgin Airlines collaborated with it to offer its top influencers free round trip flights from Toronto to Los Angeles, without anything in return.

4. Kred


This tool shows the best social media influencers through metrics such as extent of influence and outreach level. Instead of giving you reports on a daily basis, it gives real time information based on interaction activities happening in social media sites. Users of social media sites are placed into communities and each community has Kred Score and Kred users. It offers brands a list of Twitter users who are most influential in its communities.

5. Little Bird


This tool enables you to find top influencers on any topic of your choice. You can use it to easily know latest news and most talked about information in social media sites. It also gives information on content marketing, what content is hot and most liked by people, so that you can generate content accordingly for marketing your product and enhance sales figures. Using it, you can stay informed on what is trending in the most popular social media sites and take action based on this information to plan and execute marketing campaigns. It costs $50 per month for individual users and $250 per month for small business users.

Reach out to the top influencers by making use of these free, easy-to-use tools that assist in finding them. You can get your marketing campaign into the next generation by using them because they help connect to such influencers through whom information about your products or services is quickly spread to others, thus triggering sales and bringing in customers.

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