10 Tools To Spy on Competition : Find Everything About Any Website

This article was updated on August 6th, 2020 at 05:58 am

When you need to get ahead of your competitors in the market, the first thing that you require is having adequate information about how they are faring, why people are attracted to what they offer, what makes them click with the audience and much more. In the world of internet marketing this translates into spying on competitor’s website and their internet marking strategies. How do you do this without being noticed? The best option is making use of tools that give you all the information that you need to know about a website.

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Here is a look at top 10 tools to find out everything that you need to know about a website:


1. StatMyWeb

This smart tool offers a host of features such as Speed Test, Alexa Rank, Domain Availability, Broken Link Checker, Domain Who Is, Google Page Ranks and much more. All the information gathered is organized, analyzed and ranked by its unique algorithms. It’s free.

2. KeywordsSpy

This one is useful for people who are into internet marketing. It offers a listing of keyword used by competitors, helps in finding profitable keywords, gets ad copy combinations and affiliate information.  All information is updated on a daily basis. Starts at $89.95

3. BuiltWith

This one offers you information such as lead generation, market analysis, and sales information. Use its sale intelligence information for leads generation, gaining customers and planning your marketing campaign to get ahead of the competition. The basic version is $295.

4. Copernic Tracker

This easy-to-use tool tracks changes to a website, checks out specific keywords in page and give instant alerts through email when any change happen in a page.  You can use it to find details on social media sites, new site job notices, competitor’s web site and much more. Its starts $29.95.

5. Experian

This tool get you detailed information on competitors, affiliate marketing, social media strategies etc through which you can improve marketing campaign results. You can use it to find potential partners and affiliates and optimize your campaign messaging.

6. Compete

This one gives information on how consumers are reacting to your products or services and gives insight into how competitors are faring. It offers metrics and insight into the results of various marketing efforts so that they can be improved to get desire results.

7. SimilarWeb

This site enables you to find out information about competitors, find out from where they are getting traffic, popular pages on their site etc. These details enable you to know what’s clicking with the audience and you can introduce similar features in your products or services to get their attention.

8. SpyFu

This tool offers detailed keyword analysis of competitor’s’ website and in-depth SEO reports. You can use it to check ad placement and search engine rankings on popular search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo! etc. The basic plan starts at $79.

9. Netcomber

This tool was developed by a quality team member of Google and it offers vital statistics on various websites. You can use it to find out age rank, keywords use, who is, how many other sites a person is running and much more. It gives access to in-depth and detailed online intelligence that can help you get ahead of competitors in the market.

10. Semrush

This tool enable you to find out your competitor’s organic position, find out their page rank, excellent keywords to attract customers, compare various SEO metrics so that you gain ahead of the competition in the market.

These tools work quickly and efficiently to retrieve data that you need to know about popular website, new website, competitor website etc. on the internet. You can use the information to determine how to enhance your product or service features and marketing strategies to gain required sale figures, loyal customers and a good brand image.

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