10 Powerful Apps for Social Media Optimization & Analytics

Internet is flooded with loads of social media sites. Businesses, brands and companies are all in rush to market their ideas and products on every possible social platform. As the number of social networking sites and platforms are increasing, the prospects and customers are getting distributed making it mandatory for brands to make their presence felt on every other online social media. Things are getting complicated and managing social media marketing is getting tougher, especially in the area of optimization and analytics for brands.

But as always, every problem has a solution. There are various apps that can help you manage, evaluate and optimize your social marketing strategy. Here’s a list of 10 such amazing apps:

1) ShoutLet


An all-in-one enterprise app that can definitely make your brand rock if used efficiently. Social canvas for designing social content, Social CRM for community management, Social switch board for publishing content on multiple social networks, Social contests, Social listening to monitor and respond, Social- Enterprise, Ads, profiles and analytics are the great features of shoutlet.

2) WildFire App by Google


Landing Pages, Promotions, Messages, Analytics and Social Ads are the great features of this app. You can effectively reduce 70% of your marketing time and yet excel. You can design mobile ready visual content for your social campaigns. With extensive engagement plug-ins, you can go viral on social media.

3) Badgy



Essentially a conversion optimization tool for social media, it can help your grow your audience and fans, reach to more people than you can otherwise, you can improve your sales and market your products. With Badgy, you can increase clickthrough rates and Ecommerce conversion rates. You can convert your fans into email subscribers with contests.

4) MarketVibe

Hazell-free marketing optimization tools which helps you grow and acquire leads and sales from your website. One of the key features is that it will provide you step-by-step guide on how to get more traffic, leads and sales by using your web analytics sparing you from getting overwhelmed by analytics tools.

5) Direct Message Lab


Reach V4 by Direct Message Lab allows you to market your brand and campaigns across mobile, social networks, desktop, social and viral apps simultaneously. It allows managing social feed and social analytics from a single integrated platform and brands can also monitor the buzz across the web by analysing social behaviour towards their brand.

6) Raven


Do your job and get its value assessed. Popular as an SEO tool, Raven is also a powerful social marketing tool to enhance your social marketing results. They have tools to market as well as optimize your social marketing strategies.

7) BrandWatch


Determines what’s being said about the brand, product and people across the web by reading and analysing the data. Sentiment analysis,Influence statistics,customizable dashboards, Multilingual coverage and charting are some of the key features. Along with getting trends information and ability to analyze your campaign, you can also do competitor analysis.

8) Buzz Equity


You can get access to real time social media buzz and conversations about your brand and product from various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Forums, News, Blogs,etc. With such data you can get insights about your brand value and market position.

9) BlitzMetrics


It helps you in every way imaginable to track your content performance and thereby improve your engagement to reach the right audience. You can monitor your content across various social media sites like Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, and so on all from the dashboard.

10) Buffer


Though Buffer is essentially a social sharing application, it comes with the ability to manage multiple social media accounts like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook and can be used by even enterprise users for advance social media measurement. It can schedule tweets and updates unique to each platform. It provides detailed and in-depth analytics for all your posts on every social media.

These 10 applications will definitely get you started for creating great marketing buzz around the web and leave your brand speaking in the minds of your fans and followers. But, these apps or any other tools could be a rain in the drain unless you know how to harness it. Having clear strategies and business ideas combined with the power of appropriate tools can give you a leap you never imagined.

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