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Gone are the days when you could set up an email alert on Google for brand mentions and be content with daily updates. Brands today have realized the importance of listening to conversations live, second by second, in the digital world.

Listening is not enough. Brands are interested to learn about conversations, get insights from them, validate them, score and action them if needed on social media.

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Social Media conversations are as important as lead acquisition or demand generation today. Here are ten enterprise software solutions that can tackle pretty much all the in-depth requirements of a social media monitoring command center.

1. Radian6

Acquired by Salesforce, Radian6 is probably the most popular Enterprise grade social media monitoring software available today. With a plethora of features, it has a huge inventory for tracking and listening to social media conversations and offers a multitude of ways to action them in your company.

Pricing starts at $600/month to $10,000/month.

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2. Attensity360 Social Media Monitoring

Attensity is SaaS based application and a suite of products that helps you monitor your brand all across social media. There are the four pillars – Attensity Pipeline, Attensity Command Center, Analyze and Respond. Customers include Symantec, Microsoft and EMC.


3. Infegy

Infegy’s Social Radar is a social media monitoring and analytics platform that measures online sentiment to gauge trends, predict consumer needs, conduct online market research, and drive corporate strategy for the brands, products, and services that aim to meet the dynamically-changing needs of an increasingly crowded and loud marketplace.

4. UberVu

Ubervu is another Enterprise grade social media monitoring suite that monitors, tracks and do actionable items based on conversations on social media. They also talk a lot about their sharing and collaboration feature which comes in handy while assigning tasks within the company.

Pricing starts at $499/month.

Prominent customers include a host of Ad and Social Media agencies.

5. Bit.ly Enterprise

Bit.ly does not offer “dashboard kind” software but it gives you something unique that most others don’t. As you know, bit.ly is widely used as URL shortner in many social media channels, like Tweetdeck by default, so bit.ly can report trends as it happens, even before becoming news. Their live trend charts are impressive.

6. Meltwater Buzz

Meltwater Buzz is another SaaS based social media monitoring tool that offers a three part console – listen, engage and monitor. It claims to search over 200 million online social media sources,  offer emotional insights into underlying themes, sentiment, influencers and more. A great interface and social collaboration tool that impresses you. One are it lags behind however is the fact that the monitoring is not accurate and the emotional signals are at a few times misleading. Overall, a good solution for real time social media monitoring.

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