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YouTube Updates Features from Twitch

YouTube is rolling out new capabilities to reward channel members in a similar fashion to Twitch subscribers.

The new advantages may encourage more users to purchase paid memberships, increasing revenue for producers.

More on YouTube channel memberships and the new rewards.

Members of YouTube’s monetization scheme can charge subscribers to join their channels.

A “member” of a channel is a fan who pays a monthly subscription for exclusive material.

A “subscriber” is someone who follows the channel for free.

On Twitch, a “subscriber” is someone who pays a monthly fee to support the creator.

The privileges that YouTube “members” and Twitch “subscribers” obtain are growing more similar.

Members currently get special badges and emojis, exclusive videos, members-only live streams, and a community post feed.

YouTube now rewards subscribers that renew their memberships month after month with membership milestones.

A membership milestone allows a user to highlight their membership status during a live stream.

Twitch also allows recurring users to send one highlighted message for free with each renewal.

This is useful for fans, as sending highlighted remarks during live chats generally costs money.

Users can now pay for Super Chats and Super Stickers to send a highlighted message during a YouTuber’s live stream.

This feature is available to members who have been members for two months.

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