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Search Engine Updates: October 7 – 14


So, here is a round up of all search activities and major updates from the search engine world for the week of October 7 – 14, 2012.

Google rolled out mod_pagespeed – takes it out of beta.

Google wants every webmaster to speed up their pages. We’ve seen instances where Google search team had mentioned it casually and otherwise (2010 – Site speed as ranking factor). In its efforts to help webmasters measure and speed up their page load times, Google rolled out mod_pagespeed tool last week.

Google explains how Markup affects search rankings.

In a Google Webmaster Help video, Matt Cutts explains how implementing Microformats markup might (or might not) help in search engine results. He mentions that it is not necessary for websites to rank higher just because they implemented microformats markup, but in certain instances like Recipes, Authorship, it could help.

Google Street View updates up to 250,000 miles.

Not of much significance to SEO’s but good to know. Official blog post here.

Google AdWords New Background Color

Aaron Wall noticed that Google is testing a new background color on its AdWords ads, that are slightly different from the existing one. Details here.

Google launched Double Click Ad Verification Tools

The tool includes site content monitoring to help highlight potential issues with ads. It will analyze content at the URL level for each page that your ad is served upon. It uses 18 classifiers for “unsafe” content categories. Among these are: gambing, adult, drugs, profanity, etc. It does this across 11 languages. Report.

Bing Launched Sitelinks Extensions in PPC Ads

This was long overdue. Bing has finally launched a new sitelink tool (at a time when Google is cracking down on duplicate entries on sitelinks) on its PPC Ads. There is some new activity happening at Bing AdCenter recently – which is good. We’ll look forward to more.

YouTube Adds “Time Watched” as a Search Engine  factor.

YoTube is the world’s second largest search engine. And it now will consider “time watched” for any particular video as the search engine ranking factor. This means that fake or low quality videos which has an attractive title but low quality content, might suffer from low “time engagements” and YouTube will consider it as a ranking factor. Much like the page engagement on a website. Official blog post.

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