12 Cool PPC Bid Management Tools That’ll Make Campaign Management Effortless

If you’re an SEM Manager, your life would be full of fancy charts and numerous excel files. How boring! PPC Management can be a pain in the wrong places, if you don’t have the right tools to play with.

When you’re managing a lot of pay per click ads, keeping track of campaigns can become tedious and laborious. Cut short time spent in PPC bid management by making use of latest online PPC bid management tools. These tools will do all the hard work for you, giving you more time to focus on strategy than tactics.

Here is a look at 12 important online PPC bid management tools that will make your PPC bid tracking and management a whole lot easy:


1. Kenshoo

This tool offers detailed reports on the progress of various PPC bids. Its automated bid management system prevents overspending and in-built algorithm helps users to find the right keywords for their ads. Its array of formulas makes finding various metrics quick and easy.

2. Marin

It’s easy-to-use dashboard makes information search fast. It can be used to post ads on social media sites and search engines. Amongst its many features one that you’ll find interesting is its automated reports and use of social media feedback to chart PPC ad campaigns. Pricing starts at $499.00/month

3. Acquisio

It helps efficiently track and manage your various ads campaign and optimize on the ones that are performing well. Its dashboard can be used to manage many platforms and it offers extensive keyword searching to capture the target audience.

4. DoubleClick Search v3

Its unique feature is that is focused on AdWords and AdCenter PPC bid management. At bit expensive but has features through which you can sync your accounts with other online platforms.

5. WordStream PPC Advisor

If your PPC ads are centered on AdWords and AdCenter, this is the tool to opt.  It automates various PPC bid management activities and tells you how to improve the ad campaign quality. The small business standard version is $349/mo.

6. PPC BidMax

Its simple dashboard lets you manage campaigns of various search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing etc. It sophisticated algorithms produce excellent ad campaigns analysis reports through which you can take decisions to enhance lead generation and sales figures. Its basic version is priced at $59.95 per month.

7. WordWatch

It is excellent for management of Google Adwords and Google Shopping bids. It’s programmed keywords bidding and simple interface makes it the ideal choice for first time bidders.  The tool’s real time updates help to cut costs of bid management. It starts at $49 per month.

8. ClickSweeper

It is a simple tool that offers various bidding techniques, bidding optimization analysis, trend alerts and other such information to make your PPC ad campaign management effective and get the results you want.

9. AgileBid

It’s affordable, easy to use and offers features like automated keyword testing, tracking and bidding. It’s ideal to carry out PPC bid campaigns through Google and Bing. It starts at $49.95/month.

10. SearchForce

This tool  automates bid management, creates analytical reports, get real time view of performance, offers tracking tools  etc through which you can efficiently manage various PPC ads.

11. Optimine

This impressive tool enables you to find out the right keywords for your

ads, track your bids across various search engines and gives concrete data through which

you can improve sales figures.

12. Speed PPC

It offers excellent automated tools through which you find excellent keywords, create the best targeted ads, and optimize on your PPC campaigns. The price starts at $53.90.

By making use of these PPC management tools you will be able to directly interact with consumers searching for your products and services and convert them into actual sales. Many offer a free trial so that you can get a feel of using the software before buying.  You can find places where people will need your brand products or service and convert them into returning loyal customers.

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