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Google Introduces News Keywords MetaTag

Websites that are already into Google News, will now get one more tool to tweak up their content relevancy. With a “News Meta Keywords Tag”.

Like the name suggests, Meta News Keyword is a slightly altered version of the good old meta keywords tag.

A meta tag for news websites by which webmasters can tell Google what the content of the website or news article is all about.

But wait, I thought Google bots have grown clever enough to figure out the content relevancy part on their own. And didn’t Google put a stop on the “using keywords suggested by webmasters to figure out what an article is all about” long time back?

With all the advanced social signals and user behaviors and semantic web elements, looks like Google could still use some help from Webmasters.

Don’t be surprised if Google brings back the good old meta keywords for the rest of us.

More information on Meta News Keywords here.

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