Find Out Best Performing Ads in Google AdWords with AdProof A/B Testing Tool

The basic foundation for success of a PPC campaign is finding out which ads click with the audience and which don’t. In order to do this you need to test the ads which is a time-intensive and expensive task, something that can take a long time as you have to get real users to do it and they have to give in their feedback. Now this task can be accomplish faster with the help of an ad testing tool like AdProof.

What Does Adproof Do?

This tool automates the entire process of testing ads (A/B Testing) with a real global audience and brings you feedback quickly. The feedback information can be used to find out which ads are preferred by consumers and why. The tool also suggests most optimal keywords for your campaign so that you can use them to maximize on sales.


The Effectiveness Of Adproof In Managing Your Ad Campaign And Maximizing Sales

By using AdProof, you can test ads before you buy them, thus saving lots of time, money and efforts in marketing activities. The testing is done in such a way that it has a very natural feel to it, which enables managers to get accurate results that they can use to decide on the best ads for their campaign.

AdProof lets you do a host of activities. You can carry out A/B testing on it, which gives you lots of room for freedom. You can create as many experiments as you like on keywords of your choice. Let two people test them out and they bring out the best ones to your audience to get real user feedback. With this tool, you don’t need to hire people to test your ads.  The feedback that you get from participants gives your details on an ad’s click through rate. The most interesting feature about this tool is that not only is it so easy to use, it also quite affordable.  Just $1.00 is all that you have to spend to get result in a day’s time and if you want user feedback another $5.

You will find this tool’s features to be quite effective in assisting you to find which ads click with the audience so that you can optimize on them to maximum sale figures. Testing an advert with real people on the internet is a cumbersome task, but all this is made really easy with this tool. You can get test results in just minutes and you don’t have to be a techie geek to know how to use it.



1. Its works fast and gives accurate results on how users feel about your ads

2. It can suggest which keywords are most optimal for your campaigns

3. It very affordable and has excellent security features in place for users


You can only test it only with Google Adword or Bing Ads. Perhaps more search engines should be included.

I give this tool a 4.5 rating because of the enormous cost cutting benefits that it brings.  No need to hire testers for the job of ad testing. You can do it easily yourself and the insights offered on keywords optimization and best ads suitable for your business niche is amazing.

Price : Standard Plan to Silver Plan for small business starts from $49 to $99 per month respectively

Rating: 4.5

Check it out here : AdProof

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