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With the growing usage of technology by students to learn and interact, educational institutions have realized the importance of integrating it into the classroom; however with so many tools in the market, educators are finding it difficult to separate the signal from the noise. This is where making use of the BrightBytes tool, Clarity, can help out.

What Does BrightBytes Do?


BrightBytes tool, Clarity, tells you how a particular technology has enhanced your student’s performance. When you spend thousands of dollars in bringing out the latest educational technology for students to enhance their skills and abilities, you need to know how effective it is. This is exactly what you can do with Clarity. Already the company has sold its technology to thousands of schools in America and it is planning to sell it internationally to countries like China and Australia. The reason why Clarity is so different from other similar tools in the market is because the person who developed it, Mancabelli, worked in the education sector for more than 15 years, publishing a book on how schools can assist their students while there is so much of new technology influx.

Spend Money On The Right Educational Technology With BrightBytes Clarity

With this tool you can find out exactly how teachers and students are making use of technology in the learning process. Education software companies offer so many new applications every year, each one making a promise. Do they really meetup to expectations? This is what you can find using Clarity.

This tool answers questions like is the technology making the impact you desire, are students able to imbibe lessons faster with it, has it made it more convenient for them to learn their subject, and much more. If you have decided to implement an educational technology for a trial period, this tool is the best means to find out its effectiveness before proceeding to make the purchase. It gives you a score based on factors such as skills, access, classroom, and environment for any educational technology that you wish to analyze. Using this score, you can find out its impact on your students and in the learning environment of your school.

In addition to highlighting which technology works best for your school, it also gives ideas on how you can improve.This is the part that I like best because what is the use of statistics and data if you cannot find where you have to head out.With this tool you can get great ideas on how to improve and also get step-by-step implementation plan for a new educational technology with which you want to assist your students and teachers.


1. Easy to use and enables you to find information based on a simple score.

2. Gives you ideas on areas where you can improve.

3. You can use it to lay out an effective technology implementation plan.

4. Available in versions for private school, public school, and ESA.


Nothing that I can think of.

I give this tool a five-on-five rating, given the fact that it stands out from other educational technology analytic tools by giving you qualitative analysis along with the data. You can easily implement technologies in your school environment by developing a step-by-step implementation plan with it.

Brightbytes Analytics Platform

Price Tag: Call them to find out

Rating- 5

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