10 Cool A/B Testing Apps for Mobile Platforms

This article was updated on August 6th, 2020 at 05:57 am

If you’re an online marketer, A/B tests should be your daily game. We’re all in pursuit of that .0001% better converting landing page always! But how is A/B Test done on the mobile platform? Is it any different from the desktop version?

As a mobile phone application developer, you need to find out how engaging your landing pages are to visitors so that it can get great conversion rates from customers. This can be done by using intelligent A/B testing tools available in the market – luckily they’re all focused on the mobile platform that you can get separate data sets from desktops. A/B testing enables you to test various versions of a mobile application to judge its performance and get real time feedback from users on how they feel by engaging with it.

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Here is a look in brief at some good A/B testing tools that can help you determine how good your application is for release into the market:

1. Split Force

This enterprise level A/B testing tool is easy to use and enables you to test multiple variations of an application to find out which one is the best. It is available in different languages and getting started with it can be done in just three simple steps. New variants of your application can be created instantly and tested using this tool by technical as well as non technical marketing personnel. Pricing- Starts from $600 per month.

2. Apptimize

With this A/B testing tool you can carry out real-time mobile application testing without having to go through the process of writing code available or resubmitting the application to the application store. You can use it to experiment with the application to find out which features score best.  Pricing – Starts from $30 per month

3. Optimimo

This smart A/B testing tool is easy to use and enables you to do various types of testing such as app usability testing, behavioral targeting, usability testing etc by technical and non-technical marketing staff. Pricing – Business + $99 for unlimited applications.

4. SWrve

A very efficient A/B testing tool that enables you to find out how impressive your application is to users and learn what kind of conversions it can bring to you. Using the data captured through test, you can fine tune the application to that it brings you the kind of results that are expected from it.

5. Neoload

With this application you can do comprehensive testing of your mobile applications in just minutes. It can do testing for web and hybrid mobile applications. Easy to use , it even offers a 30 day trial period for interested users.

6. PathMapp

Through this A/B testing tool, you can create different versions of your application design which will then be sent to various PathMapp servers. They will be deployed from here directly to user phones without the need to publish to application stores. Through such deployment you can get user data on how they feel by using it.  Pathfinder version – $79.

7. TestObject

This A/B testing tool offers amazing versatility by giving you the chance to test your application on different devices to find out user experience. You can carry out different types of tests with it and tune your application till it has the winning features. Pricing- Starts from around $67 per month

8. Maxymiser

This trendy, easy to use A/B testing tool can be used to carry out various types of tests such as usability testing, multivariate testing, cross channel optimizations etc. The accurate test data offers information about user preferences which can be implemented to deliver applications that are engaging and which trigger sales.

9. Optimizely

This A/B testing tool is for everyone – marketers and developers.  You can use it to speed test applications to find out how users feel when they use it on their phones. Check the test data, make tweaks to the coding and bring it back for testing to see the results. Pricing starts from $17 per month

10. Vessel

This A/B testing tool enables you to deploy any test on your application quickly and easily. You can do real time monitoring and find out which features work well with users and which don’t. Pricing starts from $150 per month

By using the right A/B testing tools you can capture the essence of must haves in your application for people to like using it, make a purchase or buy it.

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